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On last weekend the annual Essence Festival made its’ way down to New Orleans. I look forward to the Essence Fest every year, its always a fun and fabulous time! There’s music, good food, beautiful people, and my personal favorite the “empowerment seminars.”

This year I had the pleasure of attending a seminar hosted by renown speaker and author Iyanla Vazant. I am such a huge fan of hers! Like myself she keeps it real, and is very witty. I just love her spirit and energy. Her message was simple. You are the sole controller of your life, and don’t you forget it.

After hearing Iyanla ‘s speech, I began to contemplate. I thought to myself, why as humans do we find ourselves allowing others to make decisions for us? Do we feel inadequate to make our own choices? Do we want to have someone else to blame other than ourselves if all goes wrong? No matter the reason, we need to stop. We have to learn to start depending on our own knowledge. Will we always get it right? Probably not, but that is what life is about. Life is a learning process, a feeling process. We will never have all of the answers, nor will we always make the right choices.

I will say, as I’ve gotten older my ability to make the “right” decisions has tremendously improved. Most would say it’s because I’ve matured, but honestly, I don’t think it has to do anything with that. I’ve learned to trust my instinct, or as my mother would call it, my “gut-feeling.” So far it has yet to steer me wrong. Another thing that helps, prayer. One of the joys of the journey of life is that we never have to walk it alone. We all have a higher power on our side, whether you realize it or not. As long as we have faith, everything will always work out according to plan.

Understand that life is not easy, and it never will be. Those struggles are necessary, and in the end you’re going to be a stronger and wiser person. So stop worrying about if you have all the answers. Stop caring if you don’t get it right all of time. Go out and enjoy life. Everything will fall into place when it’s suppose to. Remember the hiccups of life may not be pleasant but they’re necessary, they help us grow.

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