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5 Artist to Know July 2015

In case you haven’t realized it by now, I’m a true music lover! I enjoy listening to several different genres, and my musical taste ranges from The Killers to India Arie. Like everything else with me, I’ve always been ahead of curve when it came to discovering new artist. I can usually predict who will be taking over the music scene next. I guess you can say I have a good eye and ear for all things creative. Since people often ask me what artist they should be listening to, I’ve decided to profile five up and coming artist, whose music I listen to almost daily. Check them out below!

tori kelly
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#1. Tori Kelly

I first discovered Tori Kelly a few years ago watching MTV Hits late one night. She had just released the video for “Dear No One,” and during that time in my life I could really connect to what she was saying in the song. I immediately searched the internet to see if she had a cd or an ep available for download, and she did entitled “Foreword.” All of her songs are so personal. I find myself relating to everything she sings about, whether I have experienced that situation or not. Last month Tori released her first studio album “Unbreakable Smile,” and it did not disappoint. Anytime I’m having a bad day or I just need to focus, I put on Tori Kelly and life instantly feels better.

♫ Funny x Tori Kelly

bryson tiller
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#2. Bryson Tiller

I can credit Pandora for helping me discover Bryson Tiller a few months ago. After giving one of his songs a “thumbs up” for maybe the third time, I realized I need to look this artist up. What I love about Bryson is that he can not only sing, but he can rap as well. He’s dubbed his sound as trapsoul, which I find to be very fitting. Whether you want to mellow out or turn up, Bryson is the artist to listen to. I guarantee you, you will be hearing Bryson Tiller’s music on mainstream radio and clubs everywhere very soon.

♫ Break Bread x Bryson Tiller

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#3. Alina Baraz & Galimatias

To say I love…love…L O V E the collaborative projects of Alina Baraz and Galimatias is an understatement. Once again, I discovered Alina and Galimatias while listening to a Pandora Station. I found myself instantly memorized by their sound. Their voices are so pure and serene. Alina and Galimatias are perfect for the nights when you want to unwind, take a relaxing bubble bath, and have a nice glass of wine.

♫ Can I x Alina Baraz & Galimatias

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#4. Sango

I discovered Sango a couple of years ago one day when I was bored on YouTube. That same day, I found out he had recently released an album entitled “North.” Sango is an multi-talented musician that not only sings, but produces as well. He’s been the sole producer for all of his musical efforts, even producing for other artist like r&b sensation Tinashe. He’s one of the very few artist that can create a sound that can provide enough energy to choreograph an entire dance routine to, but still be extremely soothing if you just want to vibe out. A fun fact about Sango, he is bilingual, and a couple of his albums are entirely in French.

♫ Middle of Things, Beautiful Wife x Sango


justine skye
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#5. Justine Skye
About two years ago, one of my favorite bloggers Necole Bitchie, featured Justine Skye on her website. I can remember me saying “OMG! She’s Gorge!” However, I quickly learned there was more to Justine than just a pretty face, she is super talented. Once I researched her, I found several videos on YouTube of her doing covers of songs, and she killed every single one. I always say if you can perform a song better than the artist it was written for, then you can not just sing, but sang. And Justine can sang! Her voice is a powerhouse and it doesn’t hurt that she can dance her behind off as well.  On last month Justine released her first ep “Emotionally Unavailable.” I look forward to Justine taking over mainstream radio in the near future.

♫ Collide x Justine Skye


I hope my post helped you discover some of your new favorite artist. Make sure to support these incredibly talented musicians. It will only be a matter of time until everyone all over the world is singing their songs. Don’t forget who told you about them first. Who are some of your favorite “under the radar” artist?! Be sure to tell me about them in the comments!

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