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3 types of swimsuits

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Well people it’s officially summer! Ahhh longer days, fun nights, and great memories! If you are like me, then you’ll probably be heading to the beach or a pool party soon. For the last few weeks I’ve been on a man-hunt for the perfect swimsuit, and let me say it has been e x h a u s t i n g. I never knew finding a swimsuit could be so hard. My criteria for the perfect swimsuit consisted of two things: 1. It had to flatter my body, and 2. I have to look and feel like a billion bucks. After a lot of trial and errors, I’ve finally found 3 types of swimsuit styles that will not only compliment me, but every girl’s body type. Check out the options below!

#1. “The High-Waisted Bikini” This is the perfect swimsuit for the girl that wants to wear a bikini, but would like to control how much of her tummy she reveals. I recommend buying a bikini bottom that has some ruching, to create the appearance of a flat and toned tummy. Also the vintage style, will give you the sex appeal of a pin-up girl.

#2. “The Sexy One-Piece” This may be my favorite swimsuit style of them all. It flatters all of a normal girl’s “problem” areas, but guarantees sex appeal. Opt for a style that has cut-outs, a low front or back.

#3. “The Fun One-Piece” This swimsuit is for the fashionistas that want to look cute on the beach, but still have total coverage. To liven up this classic go-to, look for styles that have bold prints or graphic designs.

I hope with my help you’ll find your perfect swimsuit!

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