Happy Father’s Day: The Greatest Lesson My Father Ever Taught Me!

My dad and I, graduation day!

Photo | *Dillard Unvi. Graduation Day, 2012

As you all may know today is Father’s Day! On this special day, we all celebrate the wonderful men in our lives who are dear old dads. When I reflect on my dad, a lot of divine moments come to mind. Over the years my dad has taught me so much. He was the person that first taught me how use a steak knife, the person that taught me to stand for what I believe in, but most importantly my dad taught me to embrace myself to the fullest and never apologize for being who I am. In honor of Father’s Day I’ve decided to share with you all my fondest moment with my dad.

When I was five years year old, I had my first encounter with bullying. I was a little girl with a cocoa complexion, and beautiful kinky curly hair. This was way before the natural hair craze, so too many I just looked…different. After being teased for a large portion of that school day, I can remember feeling so defeated. I couldn’t help but to think that something was wrong with me. Later on that day my dad picked me up from school. My eyes were so puffy, he could tell I had been crying. He asked, “What’s wrong princess?” I began to tell him how I had been teased about my skin color and my hair. He stopped the car, turned around, and told me, “First off you are a beautiful and intelligent little girl, and don’t ever allow anyone to tell you differently. Secondly, you are not different, you are an individual, and just better, those little girls are jealous because they can’t be you. And thirdly, nothing is wrong with being different. Being different means you can never be boring, and nothing’s worse than being boring.” After that conversation, I felt so empowered, I was so proud to embrace who Deveney was, and still is today.

I’m not sure if my dad even remembers that day, but it is definitely a moment I will never forget. To this day, my dad still encourages me to be proud of being an individual. I am so appreciative of his advice. I pray I can continue to share priceless moments with my dad.

What’s your favorite memory or moment with your father? I would love to hear it!

Happy Father’s Day to all of the wonderful dads out there!
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