Don’t EVER Allow Others To Steal Your HAPPY! 

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One great thing about living in a city like New Orleans you never know who’ll you meet. Usually I meet wonderful kindred spirits, who I have the best conversations with, and unknowingly give me some of the best advice a person could ever receive. However every once in a while I encounter some just plain mean, unhappy people.

It’s always the worst when you’re having a fabulous day and the cosmic demons, as I call them, find their way into your life. You know, those people who come around and combat every positive statement you say with something demeaning or an annoying remark. Well, I’m here to tell you do not allow people’s unhappiness to rub off on you. Don’t let their bad energy feed on your spirit. As the old saying goes misery definitely loves company. Unhappy people have wounded souls, and they just want someone to feel as broken as they do. Just remain being your happy-go-lucky self, PRAY and carry on.

And for those of you who have wounded souls, or feel eternally broken. Yes. Life may suck right now, but trust me it will get better. Remember, you will NEVER find happiness by bringing misery to other people. Happiness begins with a positive attitude. So put a smile on your face and carry on as well.

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