Music is STILL good.

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I am so over people saying “Back in the day, music made you feel something.” Well I’m not sure what you all have been listening to lately, but they are definitely some new artist out there who can still get you in tune with your emotions. Since I like to think I have the best taste in music ever, and the musical styles I listen to are so diverse, I’ve decided to put together a playlist with some of my fave songs that as people would say “make you feel something.” Check out the songs below!

1. The Pressure x Jhene Aiko

2. Warm Winds x SZA ft. Isaiah Rashad

3. Win Some, Lose Some x Big Sean ft. Jhene Aiko

4. Drowning x Banks

5. Cold Sweat x Tinashe

6. Life Support x Sam Smith

7. Why Try x Ariana Grande

8. Retrograde x James Blake

9. Affection x Sango ft. JMSN

10. Make You Feel x Alina Baraz and Galimatias

Well I hope you all enjoyed my playlist. Now can we all please retire that saying. There are plenty of young modern artist that do a wonderful job at creating soulful music. Just give them a chance. More playlist coming soon..

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