Relationship? Umm What’s That?

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So as you all may know I AM SINGLE, which I’ve never had a problem with. I mean through all of my singledom I’ve had a “friend” or 2 or 3, but as I grow older and slightly wiser I can’t but help to wonder why? Am I really too picky? Do I really just not care? Well unlike many people I truly enjoy being by myself, I find it to be oddly relaxing. I feel most centered and aligned with the universe when I’m by myself.

As I reflect on my past “relationships” or should I say dealings with the opposite sex, I’ve never really been comfortable with calling the guy my boyfriend. It just seemed cheesy and lame. Yes I know, I know I’m w e i r d, but seriously I haven’t. Maybe, it’s because I haven’t found a guy I feel that is worthy of that title. Or maybe it’s because I really don’t feel like being someone’s girlfriend. In the past I’ve had plenty of guys that have tried to force me into the title of being their girlfriend, and it just made me clam up and disappear from the situation. Another thing, relationships just seem like a lot of work, and I’m not sure I have the time or patience for one.

I feel just like friendships, relationships should naturally happen there shouldn’t be any pressure on either person. In a p e r f e c t world the guy that is like my best friend would eventually become my boyfriend, think about it. You already know one another, you’re just going to be adding the touchy feely stuff to the mix. At the end the day your significant other should be your best friend.

Honestly I may never have the type of relationship I daydream about, and you know what that’s okay. So for all of the people that feel the need to set me up or “throw” me on their friend, no thank you. I’m very capable of finding my own man. Besides, that’s not the story I want to tell my grandkids anyway. I know I speak for single people everywhere when I say that. *rolls eyes*

Well until I find my perfectly imperfect person or my perfectly imperfect person finds me I’m just going to enjoy being a single and fabulous lady!

Put your hands up! Put your hands up! *beyoncé voice*

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