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One-Month and Counting…!

Family Photo, Left to Right Myself, Tyler Wells, Ariel Johnson, and Trenelle Johnson

Family Photo, Left to Right: Myself, Tyler Wells, Ariel Johnson, and Trenelle Johnson

Photo | *Launch Event for DEVandtheCITY 4/25/15

O M G! Can you believe DEVandtheCITY has been active for one month already?! Over this past month, I’ve watched one of my dreams come into fruition, and I must say it has truly been A M A Z I N G! I just want to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone that has encouraged me through this process! Thanks for all of your wonderful feedback as well. I hope you all will continue to love DEVandtheCITY!

In honor of this monumental occasion, I’ve decided to share a few of my pictures from the launch event. It was such a wonderful time! I truly appreciate all of the people that took time out of their busy schedules to help me celebrate!

Special Thanks to Morgan Kimball and the staff at Langford Market for allowing me to host my event at their fabulous boutique! Make sure to drop by their store at 2131 Magazine St, and tell them Dev sent you to receive a special treat!

BTW Look for my “Style Fyles” piece featuring Langford Market Boutique coming soon!

View party pictures below!

left to right: Tyler Wells, Ariel Johnson, and Trenelle Johnson
left to right: Tyler Wells, Ariel Johnson, and Trenelle Johnson
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10 Beauty Buys For $10 and Under!

10 items $10 and under
Photo |

One thing about me, I L O V E a good bargain. And if you can’t tell by now I am a huge beauty products fanatic! Anytime I can combine the two, I am in pure bliss. Most often, finding beauty products that are inexpensive all while having good quality is a real challenge. So I’ve decided to put together a list of some of my favorite beauty products that are all $10 and under! Awesome right?!

1 . Burt’s Bees Lip Balm $3
2. Neutrogena Makeup Remover Wipes $5
3. Covergirl Colorlicious Lipstick $5
4. Maybelline Fit Me Matte and Poreless Foundation $7
5. Maybelline Volum’ Express Colossal Waterproof Mascara $6
6. NYX Cosmetics Matte Blotting Sheets $10
7. Dove Soap Beauty Bar $3
8. NYX Megashine Lip Gloss $5
9. NYX Retractable Liner $5
10. Essie Nail Polish $8

Trust me when I say all of these items are comparable to beauty products tripled their prices. Another great thing, you can find all of these beauty products at your local drugstore. I use these products daily, and I know you all will grow to love them as much as I do!

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Closet Essentials: Vacay Edition!

vacay essentials

Photo |

As you may know Memorial Day Weekend is vastly approaching, meaning the first official start of summer is almost amongst us! I LOVE the summertime. Longer days, sun-kissed skin, short shorts, and just fun times all around! For most people summertime also equals V A C A T I O N! Ahhh cue in iced cold pina coladas and r e l a x a t i o n.

Like most fashionistas, for me having the perfect vacation style is very important. It’s always smart to pack items that can be worn multiple ways, that way you won’t bring a bunch of clothes that you won’t need. I’ve decided to put together a polyvore board set showcasing all of my favorite vacation essentials, which I’ve listed below. Click here to view my polyvore board!

“The Simple Maxi” Easy to dress up and down!

“The Super Cute Bikini” You can’t go on vacay without a cute swimsuit! Not bikini ready yet opt for a sexy one-piece!

“The Kimono” Use as a cover up, or a layering piece to add a “bo-ho chic” vibe to any outfit!

“The Easy Breezy Blouse” The name says it all, this blouse will keep you cool on those hot summer days!

“The Sexy Cutoffs” They’re cool, comfortable, and sexy what more can you ask for?!

“The Fun Sandal” Look for sandals that are a fun color or have embellishment to add a bit of flare to your ensemble!

“The Convertible Crossbody” On vacay you NEVER want to tote around a large bag, opt for a small yet fashionable sling bag instead.

“The Beach Tote” Once again it’s all in the name, always look for a tote that’s easy to clean, the beach can get a little messy.

“The Oh So Necessary Wedge” Make sure to bring a neutral colored wedge to dress up any outfit. 

“The Not So Basic Flip-Flops” It’s 2015 people stop buying ordinary flip-flops! Make sure they have some pizzazz!

“The Essential Jewelry” Be sure to bring jewelry that looks great with every outfit you have!

“The Trendy Sunnies” Going on vacay allows you to break out of the norm, instead of bringing your everyday sunnies, pack some that are fun and bold!

“The Keep Cool Fedora” Make sure you have a simple but cute hat to shade you from the sun!

“The Fun Vacay Piece” You are on vacay! Bring an accessory you wouldn’t normally wear, like stylish cat ears, or a flower crown!

“The Bold Lippie” Wearing a bold lipstick on vacay is a must, bright fuchsia is my go-to!

“The Chic Nail” Choose a nail polish color that is fun, bright, and chic!

Going to bring some of my essentials on your next vacay?! Please let me know, tag me on your social networks using #devandthecity!

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Music is STILL good.

Photo |

I am so over people saying “Back in the day, music made you feel something.” Well I’m not sure what you all have been listening to lately, but they are definitely some new artist out there who can still get you in tune with your emotions. Since I like to think I have the best taste in music ever, and the musical styles I listen to are so diverse, I’ve decided to put together a playlist with some of my fave songs that as people would say “make you feel something.” Check out the songs below!

1. The Pressure x Jhene Aiko

2. Warm Winds x SZA ft. Isaiah Rashad

3. Win Some, Lose Some x Big Sean ft. Jhene Aiko

4. Drowning x Banks

5. Cold Sweat x Tinashe

6. Life Support x Sam Smith

7. Why Try x Ariana Grande

8. Retrograde x James Blake

9. Affection x Sango ft. JMSN

10. Make You Feel x Alina Baraz and Galimatias

Well I hope you all enjoyed my playlist. Now can we all please retire that saying. There are plenty of young modern artist that do a wonderful job at creating soulful music. Just give them a chance. More playlist coming soon..

Until next time,
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Uptown Brunch!

IMG_9962 - Copy
IMG_9921 - Copy
Photos | Shainna Miles

Jumpsuit x Love Culture | Blazer x Banana Republic | Clutch x Zara
Sandals x Steve Madden | Sunnies x Ray Ban | Necklace x Francesca’s Collections
Earrings x Francesca’s Collections | Watch x Nixon | Bracelet x Hive&Honey

New Orleans is probably one of the top 3 cities for the best food you will ever have in your life! Being from here I must admit I have a true obsession for good food. Growing up my family and I would always attend a Sunday brunch. Even to this day going to brunch is still one of my family’s favorite foodie traditions. When all of our schedules allow, we pick a restaurant, get all dolled up, sip on some mimosas and share a good laugh. Nothing is better to me than bonding with your loved ones, all while eating fabulous food. What’s your favorite family foodie tradition?

Until next time,
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Happy Mother’s Day: The Greatest Lessons My Mother Has Ever Taught Me!

moms day
Photo | *taken at the Zulu Brunch 2014

As you all may know today is Mother’s Day! The day created to celebrate the ladies in your life whom have played an important role in your upbringing, and the women in your life who you love and respect as mothers. I’ve always felt that when it came to the parents department, I am truly blessed. I have a mom who is not only a beautiful mother but a wonderful friend. Words can not begin to describe how grateful I am to have such an admirable mom.

When I first started writing this post I had an idea to do an open letter to my mom about how much I love her, but as I began to type I realized I couldn’t get through it without crying all over my laptop. So instead I’ve decided to make a list of the top 10 greatest things my mother has ever taught me. I hope you all enjoy it!

1. “Give everything to God, and leave it there.”

2. “If you follow rule #1 everything else in life will be simple.”

3. “Crying doesn’t mean your weak, it’s just means you’re healing your soul.”

4. “Trust your intuition, it will NEVER lead you wrong.”

5. “Never judge someone, you don’t know their story.”

6. “You don’t like something about yourself, change it, if it can’t be changed embrace it.”

7. “All the makeup in the world will never make a person who has ugly insides pretty.”

8. “Who says you can only do one thing in life?”

9. “Sometimes you just have to handle people with a “long-handled” spoon.” (Look it up people.)

10. “I didn’t name you Deveney so you can be like everyone else in the world.”

I appreciate my mom so much for all of the incredible lessons I’ve learned from her. Everyday she inspires me to be a better human being. I pray one day I can be everything to my kids that she is to me.

What things have you learned from the women you will be celebrating this Mother’s Day? Be sure you tell them just how much they have influenced your life.

Wishing all of the beautiful moms out there a Happy Mother’s Day!
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Working Girl!

IMG_9856 - Copy
IMG_9852 - Copy
Photos | Shainna Miles

Jumpsuit x Love Culture | Blazer x H&M | Flats x Forever 21 | Bag x Michael Kors
Glasses x Warby Parker | Necklace x Forever 21 | Bracelet x Banana Republic

Working at an upscale retail store I always want to look polished and well put together. However, I never want to be so polished that my outfit comes off as b o r i n g. To me, it’s very important for your ensemble to reflect parts of your personality! Whether that be adding a bright shoe, a statement necklace, or a bold lipstick. Your outfit should always be a reflection of YOU! In this case, I used my jumpsuit as my reflective piece and made it work appropriate by adding one of my fave office go-tos, a structured blazer. I also opted for flats instead of heels because standing up in heels all day is just not fun. What’s your favorite way of bringing a piece of you to the office place?

Until next time,
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Liquid or Powder?

Photo |

Believe it or not, I haven’t always been the makeup lover you all know me to be. *gasp* I KNOW. I use to be the girl that only wore makeup for special occasions, and thought it was a waste of time to wear it everyday. Now, I have a makeup obsession! I own several types of foundation, countless eye shadow palettes, and every shade of lipstick to match my mood. Let’s just say my makeup kits are pretty full.

Because of my love of makeup, I always get asked what type of foundation I think is best. Well it depends on what type of coverage you are going for and what type of skin you have? I also say consider your weather conditions.

There are three types of foundation: liquid, cream, and powder, and several sub categories within those three types. The three foundation products I use the most are matte liquid, mineral powder, and cc cream.

In the fall and winter months I use matte liquid foundation for everyday wear. I love the coverage of it. I also love the fact that it gives me a dewy, I just came from a photo shoot finish. Liquid foundation is highly recommended for people who have dry skin. It helps retain moisture while also covering fine lines and wrinkles.

If you’ve ever been to NOLA then you know how hot it can be. This is when I cue in mineral powder. It works well for summertime. Mineral powder is extremely light weight and soaks up moisture, making it perfect for combination and oily skin. I also use cc cream during the warmer months. It allows me to get the coverage of a liquid foundation, but is still light weight like mineral powder.

Always remember when buying foundation to look for one main thing: spf protection. I shouldn’t have to tell you how important it is to wear sun protection. Spf shields your skin from harmful sun rays, helps prevent skin cancer, and has anti-aging properties.

Always make sure your foundation enhances your beauty! People should see you, then your makeup, not the other way around. I hope my tips make buying foundation easier for you!

Until next time!
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Photo |

So it’s 2:24 am, and I can’t seem to fall asleep. And what does Dev do when she can’t sleep you ask? Contemplate about EVERY last thing that has ever happened to me in life, the good and the bad. That would probably drive most people insane, but fortunately for me I’m not most people. As I lied down listening to Pandora, I started to imagine how my life would be if I would have done a few things differently. You know, like if I would have kept certain friendships, or if I would have continued to date this guy, or what if I attended UCLA after undergrad like I was suppose to. How would life be? Would I still be the same Deveney I am right now?

Honestly, I highly doubt it. If you know me, you know that since the age of 5 I had my life planned out to a tee. Then all of sudden, my junior year of college to be exact, I started to realize wait I don’t really want to be a psychologist. I really don’t want to do anything I have planned. I had never felt so lost in my life. For the first time my perfect little life plan was brought to a quick halt. I began to feel like I had wasted my time going to school to gain a degree I’m not even going to use. Then I remembered everything in life happens for a reason. God wouldn’t let me get this far in school if it wasn’t for a greater purpose. And you know what I was right, even though I don’t use my degree in the conventional sense I definitely still use it.

Now as I reflect on that time, I appreciate that my life didn’t go according to plan. It wasn’t until I felt lost, that I really started living life, and discovering who I am. I’m grateful for all of my experiences, and thankful for all the lessons I learned along the way. You know as humans we often wonder what if, but I’m a firm believer that nothing happens by chance. It’s all apart of God’s perfect plan, so stop thinking shoulda, coulda, woulda, and just be thankful for the memories.

Until next time,
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Relationship? Umm What’s That?

Photo |

So as you all may know I AM SINGLE, which I’ve never had a problem with. I mean through all of my singledom I’ve had a “friend” or 2 or 3, but as I grow older and slightly wiser I can’t but help to wonder why? Am I really too picky? Do I really just not care? Well unlike many people I truly enjoy being by myself, I find it to be oddly relaxing. I feel most centered and aligned with the universe when I’m by myself.

As I reflect on my past “relationships” or should I say dealings with the opposite sex, I’ve never really been comfortable with calling the guy my boyfriend. It just seemed cheesy and lame. Yes I know, I know I’m w e i r d, but seriously I haven’t. Maybe, it’s because I haven’t found a guy I feel that is worthy of that title. Or maybe it’s because I really don’t feel like being someone’s girlfriend. In the past I’ve had plenty of guys that have tried to force me into the title of being their girlfriend, and it just made me clam up and disappear from the situation. Another thing, relationships just seem like a lot of work, and I’m not sure I have the time or patience for one.

I feel just like friendships, relationships should naturally happen there shouldn’t be any pressure on either person. In a p e r f e c t world the guy that is like my best friend would eventually become my boyfriend, think about it. You already know one another, you’re just going to be adding the touchy feely stuff to the mix. At the end the day your significant other should be your best friend.

Honestly I may never have the type of relationship I daydream about, and you know what that’s okay. So for all of the people that feel the need to set me up or “throw” me on their friend, no thank you. I’m very capable of finding my own man. Besides, that’s not the story I want to tell my grandkids anyway. I know I speak for single people everywhere when I say that. *rolls eyes*

Well until I find my perfectly imperfect person or my perfectly imperfect person finds me I’m just going to enjoy being a single and fabulous lady!

Put your hands up! Put your hands up! *beyoncé voice*

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