Sometimes you have to laugh when you fall!

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Well people I can honestly say Deveney Marshall is evolving. Last night my friends and I went bar hoping. Ahhh the joys of being young! Anywho, long story short after being at Barcadia for about 10 minutes, I fell completely on my behind. And no I was not drunk, I had only been sipping on my Woodchuck for maybe 2 minutes when I came crashing down. My first thought? Oh shxt I’m really on the floor! My second thought where’s my phone? My purse? And did my beer bottle break? I WAS COMPLETELY MORTIFIED. I was on the ground in front of at least 75 people. But then I had a thought. If Carrie Bradshaw could survive falling on the runway and becoming “fashion road kill,” then I could survive this too. So I just laughed and shrugged if off as if it was nothing. After some cute guys graciously helped me up, I didn’t dash off, I stayed, finished my beer and laughed and talked it up with my girl Ari.

As I sat there I realized how much I’ve grown as a person. A few years ago if the same thing would have happened I probably would have cried and wanted to leave immediately. I was so freaking proud of myself for handling the situation like a champ, I couldn’t stop smiling! I always tell people how I don’t take myself too seriously, and last night proved that it’s true. I really am this carefree, confident girl who really doesn’t care what people have to say. I am loving the Dev I am right now! My embarrassing moment turned into such a wonderful teaching moment for me. Moral of this story you ask? When the cosmic demons literally try to knock the wind out of you, give them a hair flip and blow them a kiss, because nothing in this world is going to take you off of you cosmic high!

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*originally written December 14, 2014.

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