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Ever since I’ve been a child people have always complimented me on my skin. In fact, I would consider my skin to be one of my best physical features. I can remember when I was a little girl all of the ladies in my family would have vanity tables full of beauty products. My grandmother would always allow me to wear her beauty creams and lotions. I would feel so lavish and luxurious after I put them on. Even now as an adult I use about ten skincare products daily. Excessive? Maybe, but one thing is certain I’ll always be f l a w l e s s from head to toe. *flips hair*

For the normal person the key to having fabulous skin is simple. All you need is a daily facial cleanser, moisturizer, and weekly exfoliating and hydrating mask. First, you have to determine what type of skin you have. Most people fall into three categories: Dry, Oily, and Combination. If you have dry skin you will find that your skin is always flaky and rough. If you have oily skin you’ll find that your skin is constantly greasy and very prone to breakouts. If you have combination skin your skin will be rough in some areas and greasy in others. After you determine what type of skin you have, the next step will be finding a line that meets your skincare needs. I recommend Mary Kay Cosmetics, and not only because I sell them, but because I actually use and love the products. Mary Kay offers about 6 collections that focus on concerns from age-fighting to sensitive skin to stopping blemishes and acne for good. You’ll see amazing results in about 7 days. I’m a huge fan of the TimeWise Miracle Set and Botanical Effects collection. I also love that Mary Kay products are budget friendly too!

Having good skin is VERY essential to having a gorgeously “beat” face as well. Here me out ladies. Yes it’s super easy to buy makeup to cover your skin conditions, but why just cover the problem when you can just fix it in the first place? As my mother would say “beautiful skin equals gorgeous makeup!”

Anywho people be nice to your skin, take care of it, I promise you and your skin will thank me later!

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